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Enabling Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness

TWW Consulting serves the motions of change by assisting organizations to realize their vision.  TWW Consulting enables clients to confront the challenges in their lives and organization to manage change and transform by optimizing individuals’ potential for success.

Change is personal and encompasses transition and transformation. Without personal change, organizations don’t change.  Change is an on-going process.  When you create alignment and incorporate agility, you can accelerate growth in today's fast-paced environments.

T. Waldmann-Williams, Ph.D., founder of TWW Consulting, brings a diverse spectrum of business background with over thirty years experience.

*Quick Tips*

-When giving feedback, have a clear purpose.

-When making decisions, examine your own biases, beliefs and assumptions.



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Valuing Your Work and
Effective Conversations Workshops

"TWW's workshops pack more useful information and tools into one afternoon session than some seminars accomplish in days of meeting."
Pam Granick

"TWW Consulting gave me the structure to create and realize my vision."
Ed Adams
EM Adams Gallery

"For the last four years, TWW Consulting partnered with us to provide unique approaches for learning the fundamentals of performance management. This has increased our productivity, engaged everyone in the process, and built better and lasting relationships. We're extremely excited about the long term impact of this approach!"
Carroll Scribner
DPC Instrument Systems Division